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Meet the Parents


  Fiona, our OG mama to our first three litters is sweet and easy going and does not need to feel like the boss.  She prefers being outside or lounging on our bed.   She loves playing with her daughter, Norma, and  her pal Vinny, chasing her favorite orange ball, swimming, hiking, and all the doggy stuff, but she's content entertaining herself too without needing to be right by our sides all the time.  Fiona is one of the sweetest and easiest dogs we've ever had and reminds us a lot of the Golden Retriever we had when the kids were growing up.  She was a fantastic mother, and she loved being with her puppies right up until they left.  Fiona is an F1 Goldendoodle.  She weighs about 62 lbs., has wavy coat and a shorter, stockier build.  She has OFA "good" hips, normal elbows, clear eyes, heart, and genetic panel.  She is finished having puppies and has embraced  her new role of Grandma to Norma's pups, helping out as much as she's allowed.  We are proud to have her in our puppy pedigree moving forward.  

fiona smiling.JPG
Fiona Snow.JPG

Norma is the daughter of Fiona and Vinny, born in 2020.  She is a 65 lb. "multi-gen", and her genetics are 60% poodle/40% GR.   Norma is mild-mannered and even tempered.  She is happiest playing with any friends--dogs or human.  She is adaptable and agreeable to just about anything.  Unlike her parents,  she couldn't care less about chasing a ball, but she LOVES chasing whomever is chasing the ball and hanging on to their tail while they chase the ball. :).  She loves going on hiking and swimming adventures or just a walk on the trail.  She greets everyone she meets with a smile.  Norma has clear genetics, a wavy coat, OFA "good" hips, clear elbows, eyes, and heart, two copies of furnishings, as well as her parents' "low/no shed" gene.  She had her first litter in 2023, and they're everything we hoped for and more.  

Norma swimming.JPG
Norma steelers.jpg
Norma snow.JPG


AKC Standard Poodle "Gulla's How Do You Do Howard" aka Howard, is the Dood Ranch Doodle stud dog.  He lives with our daughter, Laura, in Pittsburgh where he's earned celebrity status in his neighborhood for his head-turning hairdo and magnetic personality.  Howard is quirky, fun-loving, smart, and extremely bonded to his #1 fan, Laura.  He strolls the streets of the city and wants to greet every dog at the park as well as all the people he passes in his travels.  Not a day goes by that Laura isn't stopped on the street to answer "What kind of dog is he?  I love him!"    He loves road trips to the Dood Ranch where he and Norma play in the yard til they just can't play no more!  He loves socializing with his many college friends, going for ice cream, and any activity that involves Laura.  Howard is tall and lean, about 60 lbs.,  and will likely reach a final adult weight of 70ish lbs.  He's got clear genetics, OFA preliminary "excellent" hips, clear elbows and eyes.   And yes, he's a full-blooded poodle.  Many people don't realize that poodles without the traditional poodle groom look a lot like a doodle.  He can produce black, cream, and apricot puppies when bred to Fiona or Norma.  He's sired 3 litters for us, and his puppies' owners adore his pups as much as we adore him.  

Howard full body on rock.JPG
Howard in Pgh puppy.JPG
Howard bday.JPG


Vinny has been making us laugh since the day we brought him home.  He is what you would call a big goofball.  He LOVES to cuddle, and he will fetch a ball until you make him stop.  He can catch fly balls from a Chuck-It, loves to swim, and he loves people immensely.  He's super affectionate (as in sits on your lap or lays on top of you) and he's as quirky as they come.  We've never had a dog as animated and in love with his people as Vinny.  Vinny, our F1B and first ever Goldendoodle,  has all of his health clearances.  He was the sire to Fiona's first litter in which he  produced 8 beautiful puppies.  We made the hard decision to neuter him in 2021 after he suffered GDV ("bloat") and required emergency surgery to save his life.  We decided it was best for him to not be under the stress of being an in tact male living with two females.  He continues to live his best life at home with us. 

Vin Pgh.JPG
Vinny car.JPG
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Doodle Puppy Adventures

Fiona snowy face
Doodle gang
Norma toy
Howard coat
Howard and Gav
Norma Dam
Howard stick
Howard city
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