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Next Litter Planned for Jan 2024

We have been so pleased with Fiona and Norma's puppies with Howard, so we are planning to repeat our Spring 2023 litter with Norma and Howard.  We will be expecting puppies around January 2024.  Puppies will be Standard size, and we expect a range of colors including cream, apricot, black, and sable (all likely to have some white spotting).  Puppies will all have two copies of furnishings and either wavy or curly coats.  We only breed 1-2 litters per year, and our waitlist fills up fast.  Reach out for more information if you're serious about waiting for one of these lovebugs.  

Rico 4w.JPG
Hammy 4w.JPG
Meg 4w.JPG
Lyle 4w.JPG
Wink 4w.JPG
Patrick 4w.JPG
Sonny 4w.JPG
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