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Norma's first  babies are on the way

Fiona is passing the torch to her daughter, Norma.  (You can learn more about Norma on the "Meet the Parents" page.)    As we say farewell to Fiona's final litter, we eagerly await Norma's first litter.  This will also be the first time we've had two litters at the Dood Ranch in a single year.  Norma and Howard will welcome a litter of multi-generational Standard Goldendoodles the first week of May 2023.  These puppies will all have two copies of furnishings (ideal for allergies), curly and wavy coats, and colors will likely include apricot, cream, black--all with or without white spotting, and sable.  Puppies will be ready to go home at the end of June.  There is a waitlist started for these pups, but spots are available.  You can learn more by reaching out via phone call, text, or email.    Pictured here are Fiona and Howard's  7 week old puppies (Norma and Howard puppies are expected to be similar), and  pups from their previous litter are featured at the bottom of the page.  

Litter on bed.JPG
Dill 7 wks.JPG
Alfie 7 wks.JPG
Hayden 7 wks.JPG
chunk 7 wks.JPG
Mario 7 wks.JPG
Opie 7 wks.JPG
Clifford 7 wks.JPG
Mae 7 wks.JPG
Houdini 7 wks.JPG
Teeter 7 wks.JPG
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