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Next Litter Planned for late 2024.

We welcomed 8 fat and sassy new puppies to the Dood Ranch on February 19, 2024.  We had 5 girls and 3 boys in a nice mix of colors including gold/apricot, cream, and black.  These pups are all with their new families now and we are enjoying the summer with our dogs.   I'm happy to talk with anyone who is wanting to learn more about the breed or tips for finding breeders who are putting the health and well being of their puppies and the breed at the top of the priority list.  We are planning our next litter for the end of 2024 and one or two in 2025. It costs nothing to join the waitlist, so if you're planning ahead, feel free to reach out.  


Our dogs are veterinary/OFA cleared to have healthy hips and elbows as well as OFA certification for eyes and heart.  If you've ever had a dog with dysplasia or genetic eye or heart disease, you understand the profound emotional and financial impact those inherited diseases can have.  They have completed full genetic panels and are CLEAR of all of the testable genetic diseases that afflict Goldendoodles, Golden Retrievers, and Poodles.  Our dogs are fully furnished and  "low-shed" (all dogs lose some hair) which, while it doesn't 100% guarantee their offspring will not shed more than the minimum, it definitely ups the odds for low-shedding puppies.  Oh--and I should mention that they're absolutely full of love, laughs, and fun!   If you are looking for a very small in-home breeder who backs up their claims about the health and disposition of their puppies, consider a Dood Ranch Doodle.



Complete the puppy application, and reach out to me via phone or email.   We can talk,  and if we both agree that you are a good match for a Dood Ranch Doodle, you can choose to be added to the waitlist.   Deposits will be accepted after a litter is born.  When puppies are 6-7 weeks old, you will have the option to come to our home and meet the puppies and parents or select your puppy via FaceTime/Zoom.  Puppies will go home at 8 weeks of age with appropriate worming and age appropriate vaccines.  You'll receive LOTS (like tons) of updates as your puppy grows and develops, and a lifetime of support once he/or she goes home with you.  

Get On the Waitlist: Available Pets
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